KTM 125 Duke 2020 – An entry level bike into the KTM universe


KTM 125 Duke 2020 – An entry level bike into the KTM universe

Back in 2012 when there weren’t many sporting bike options in the market, KTM introduced us to a whole new universe. KTM bikes brought together a new community of biking enthusiasts and revolutionized the Indian premium motorcycle market. 125 Duke is a budget offering from KTM but don’t let that deceive you on what it has to offer in terms of looks, performance and balance. This urban beast is no less than its siblings and is a proper member of the black and orange universe of KTM.

Here’s a sneak peek into the key features of this newly revamped KTM 125 Duke –   

1.Design – Of course the mind-boggling headlamp of 125 Duke takes away all the limelight but the whole package from KTM at this price point remains unparalleled. Its impressive fuel tank, exciting frame design and great dashboard all come together to make an inspiring design. Moreover, the new spilled trellis frame is perfectly complemented by shrouds on either side of the fuel tank.

2.Engine – KTM 125 Duke as the name suggests is powered by an energetic 125cc engine which offers a decent torque of 12 Nm. The liquid-cooled engine is paired with a 6-speed gearbox and also comes with an electric starter. It is now BS-VI compliant and produces around 15 hp. It’s a no-brainer that this engine is one of the most powerful in its segment and just glides around each and every corner with ease.

3.Braking System – KTM 125 Duke’s braking system comprises 300m front disc and 230m rear disc along with the single-channel ABS. Its strong build and mono suspension ensure you have a safe and smooth ride. The overall braking system is very good and it only gets better with the advanced ABS.

4.Performance – The performance of 125 Duke is just what you expect from a KTM bloodline. The bike shows unreal flexibility and what it can do on the city roads will definitely put a smile on your face.  With that lively feel during acceleration still intact, it is an absolute treat to beat the urban traffic on KTM 125 Duke.

5.Mileage – The new KTM 125 Duke offers great fuel efficiency and is at par with any other sports bikes in the segment.

In a nutshell, KTM 125 Duke is a feature-packed, well equipped and a fun motorcycle to ride. It offers great thrust and has all required safety features so that you don’t have to limit your adventure cravings.

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