8 Things to Consider Before Your First Bike Road Trip


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The first bike trip is a feeling that can be hardly explained in words. It is exciting, intriguing and above all, it is insanely overwhelming.

When you cross city limits and start to experience unfamiliar landscapes, you know it’s the beginning of a special story that will stay forever between you and your bike.

Most bikers, when they start riding, know a little about riding comfortably on long road trips. They learn along when they meet other bikers, taking cues from their riding style.

We at Varun KTM love to interact with our customers and they have given us a handful of insights about their riding experience. And we have thought of sharing that with you!

So here’s a compilation of ten key things that you should consider before voyaging out on your first ever road trip.

1. You should be comfortable with your bike

First thing first, you must enjoy your ride. Choose a bike that is not only exciting but is also comfortable when you’re cruising for long hours on the highways. If you think it offers better comfort with certain modifications, get them done immediately.

2. Proper riding gear is a must

A long drive is not the same as a daily commute. It involves driving continuously amidst different roads and weather conditions.

To protect yourself from rain, sunrays, and dust, you should invest in proper riding gear. Typical gear includes a quality jacket and trousers, ankle boots, riding gloves, and a full-face helmet.

3. Light baggage, better ride

There are tons of accessories in the market that enable you to carry enormous luggage, but it is advisable to stay on the lighter side.

While packing your luggage, ensure that most of the items are disposable. It will help in cutting down on weight as you travel. Plus, make sure your clothes are lightweight and easy to wash.

4. Stay Hydrated

New bikers often skip the hydration part while going on a stretched ride. Staying hydrated is crucial to ease down the fatigue, and it also keeps you refreshed along the ride. Make sure you have some fluids every time you stop for a breather.

5. Have a spare key

Keeping a spare always comes in handy if you lose the original one in a remote area miles away from an authorised service centre.

However, if you happen to be a KTM owner driving around Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, our team will be available to assist with any such problems.

6. Keep all the necessary documents

You don’t want to be slowed down by cops while relishing your first road trip! So carry all the essential documents like driving licence, RC, insurance certificate, etc for an uninterrupted ride.

7. Stay Informed

When exploring uncharted lands, it is necessary to know your surroundings. Try to keep a map or a GPS with you to stay aware of your location. Many secure and water-resistant GPS systems are available for motorcycles.

8. Be ready for all kinds of riding conditions

Last but not least, always try to stay motivated while on a long ride. You might encounter dust winds, heavy rain showers, or a flat tyre, all of these are part of the thrill of going on a road trip.

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