Why do Indians love KTM bikes


ride the beast

Speed! Yes, that is the first thing in our minds when we talk about KTM bikes. Back in 2012, when Indians were short on choices for premium bikes, KTM made a blockbuster entry with the Duke 200. The established players, who were yet to crack the pulse of the Indian market, were left surprised with KTM, whose products screamed outright performance.

Cut to 2022, KTM has created a diverse portfolio in popular categories like travel, supersport and naked bikes. Whether KTM RC 390 or KTM 250 Adventure, the Austrian manufacturer has been relentless in offering quality products at attractive price points.

KTM bikes, thanks to their unmatched performance, are setting a commuting lifestyle for young Indian bikers. So what is it that makes this ‘orange and black’ family so special? Let’s find out!

Performance Powerhouse :  Out of all things that KTM brings to the table, it’s the performance that grabs the eyeballs. Every single KTM is thoughtfully crafted to dominate and define its Ready to Race mentality. KTM, since the last decade, has owned the 200cc to 400cc segment, inviting new age bikers to test their adrenaline levels.

Captivating Design : KTM is breaking the barriers of contemporary design by creating bikes that inspire. Conventionally Indian commuters have been exposed to conservative design and had to shell up to 7 lakh to have a decent-looking bike. KTM took care of the pricing factor and that’s it, everyone was intrigued to try a KTM bike.

Crazy Features : It’s a fact that this new generation of youngsters’ lives on technology and features. When everything around you is so overwhelmingly driven by technology, how can you not expect something from bikes? KTM brought premium features like a fully digital console, trellis frame, projector headlamps, hidden exhaust, and a lot more that were available only to bikes way more costly than that of KTM.

After Sales Support : Having a great market fit product, approval from customers, superb performance is good but what makes brands great is a comprehensive after-sales service. KTM, thanks to its association with Bajaj, has numerous service centers across the country. The spatial spread, fast service, and convenience have a huge bearing on customer satisfaction.

Monopoly Advantage : Over the years, many established bikes companies have tried to dominate the mid-premium segment but have failed. Indifferent from 150 cc segment bikes, 200-400 cc bike enthusiasts have niche necessities, that too, with budget constraints. Most of the bikes in the segment are either too pricey or miss out on customer requirements. However, KTM has placed its machines nicely with the right balance of price and features, negating all its competitors.

Affordable Maintenance : There is a common narrative with sport bikes – they are high maintenance products, which is true, up to some extent but not with KTM. KTM bikes in India are manufactured by Bajaj, which enabled them to cut down the price of space parts due to local production. Excluding some of the expensive components like digital consoles and front forks, KTM bikes have an edge with affordable maintenance costs.

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