All you need to know about KTM RC 200


All you need to know about KTM RC 200

KTM has always been known to offer some of the fastest, powerful and stylish looking bikes in the premium two-wheelers segment and the RC 200 is one of them. This bike looks gorgeous, feels peppy and certainly carries the traction of turning heads around. Decked in an intriguing colour combination of mat black, orange and a tinge of white, RC 200 hits bull’s eye with its sporty looks.

Here are some of the key highlights you need to know about KTM RC 200:

1.Build – The build quality of RC 200 feels robust and stunning. It boasts dual projector headlamps, a carved 9.5 L fuel tank and a chic rear design. Erected on high-quality trellis and plastic, this superbike looks ready to salvage all your speed thrills.

2.Ergonomics – The RC 200 makes its intentions clear with its extremely sporty ergonomics. The handlebar and foot pads are placed nicely offering a great aerodynamic posture to the driver. The riding experience of RC 200 is exceptional and satisfying.

3.Engine – We know that you’ve all been waiting for this part – the RC 200’s engine. And we must say that all your expectations are justified when this 200cc single cylinder is coupled with the efficient 6-speed gearbox.

4.Performance – When speaking of sports bikes, it’s the performance that does the talking. The KTM RC 200 offers abundant torque to play with and lets you accelerate from low to high speeds just right. It is this flexibility of RC 200 which makes it an absolute treat to ride in cities.

5. Mileage – KTM RC 200 offers a decent mileage given the amount of power and control it offers in this price segment. However, the results might slightly vary   depending upon the riding situations. 

6.Handling – Thanks to the right amount of weight and structure on the chassis, RC 200 offers greater agility while passing through the meandering roads. It instils a great amount of assurance amongst riders to take on any acute corner effortlessly.

7.Safety – The braking setup of RC 200 is very powerful and offers exceptional performance.The evolved suspension mechanism also adds to the comfort and lets you pass through all sorts of bumpy roads with ease. The all-new RC 200 now comes with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) which is a healthy addition to its safety features catalogue.

KTM RC 200 is definitely one of the best bikes available in India for riding enthusiasts. It offers mind-boggling looks, superior styling and last but not the least a thrilling performance.

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